Monday, January 26, 2009

Project Management Life Cycle Released

According to MarketWire, new software has been release to help Project Managers to undertake all of the phases, activities and tasks in the Project Management Life Cycle. It helps people deliver projects successfully because it tells them what needs to be done to complete their project, how and by when. Most software in the market facilitates the delivery of projects, but this new software suite actually tells managers how to complete projects on time and under budget. Pretty nifty. If you've used this, let us know your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Haven't used this one, but I use Deskaway which has a free plan
Does this one have a free plan?

Melissa said...

Thanks for your comment! I looked online and it doesn't seem that Project Management Life Cycle has a free version, though they do have a free trial. What benefits do you see with Deskaway?