Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Webinar Recording Available: Agile Requirements (Not an Oxymoron)

Complimentary webinar recording of, ‘Agile Requirements (Not an Oxymoron)’ with Ellen Gottesdiener, Principal Consultant and Founder of EBG Consulting is now available online:


In this Webinar, requirements expert and agile coach Ellen Gottesdiener will describe how agile and requirements combine to form a sound and sensible union. You will learn how business analysis and requirements practices really work on agile projects; ways agile teams represent, verify and validate requirements; and how effective agile teams collaborate around requirements. Join us to learn how agile requirements provide the engine that drives successful delivery of business value.

What you will learn:
•Understand the agile method of developing requirements
•Describe business analysis and requirements practices that change on agile projects
•Understand agile adaptations to “traditional” requirements practices •Appreciate the value of requirements analysis on agile projects
•Enumerate the ways requirements form the basis for planning on agile projects

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