Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ProjectWorld & The World Congress for Business Analysts News

As we look forward to the PW&WCBA November event, we’d like for you to take a look at the companies speaking at our upcoming West Coast PW&WCBA Conference that have recently been featured on national media and industry press:

Mazda North American Operations helping Ford increase production efficiency in Thailand:
In these challenging times, the United States has seen a drastic decline in the American auto industry. Recently industry leaders from Ford, parent company to Mazda, have opted against government aid and decided to change the way they do business on their own. Mazda just announced a joint venture with Ford, opening a new production plant in Thailand. The goals of this new endeavor is to increasing efficiency and production levels, as well as focusing more on environmental impact. For more information, read the complete article here.


Boeing is overcoming project challenges to deliver their newest jet:
As a leader in the aerospace industry, Boeing is constantly working to innovate and effectively manage their projects to stay ahead of the competition. With the release of their newest jet, Boeing has hit several snags in their processes. While the project is currently 2 years behind schedule it seems like the challenges being faced are finally being overcome - testing of the plane should begin in the next couple of months. Interested in more? Read the complete article .here


What is Xerox doing to become more environmentally efficient?
Similar to many other organizations, Xerox is working to create a better, more eco-friendly process for their business. Their energy reduction program, "Energy Challenge 2012" was designed to reduce the greenhouse gases emitted from the company's operations, and so far it has been hugely successful. Having already met the goals set for 2012, Xerox is expanding their program with hopes to achieve long-term financial and environmental benefits. Interested in more about Xerox's green policy? Read the complete article here.


How Austin Energy earned their spot in the Top Green-IT Organizations:
Everyone is looking for sustainable power options that will help them conserve energy. Keeping this in mind, as well as their reputation as a green company, Austin Energy set out to be among the top in their industry to be energy efficient. Austin Energy starts their green process in their data centers. Their IT teams created a virtual server environment using a significantly less number of machines than they had in the past. But it doesn't end there - their hardware and software decisions were also made based on energy efficiency, and the centers are run on 100% green energy. To find our more information about how Austin Energy is staying green, read the complete article here.


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