Monday, August 17, 2009

Agile Project Management: Adapting over Conforming has an enlightening article with Jim Highsmith. Highsmith explains that developing great products requires exploration, not tracking against a plan. Having the courage to explore into the unknown and the humility to recognize mistakes and adapt to the situation is agile project management.

Here's an excerpt:

Teams must adapt, but they can’t lose track of the ultimate goals of the project. Teams should constantly evaluate progress, whether adapting or anticipating, by asking these four questions:

  • Is value, in the form of a releasable product, being delivered?
  • Is the quality goal of building a reliable, adaptable product being met?
  • Is the project progressing satisfactorily within acceptable constraints?
  • Is the team adapting effectively to changes imposed by management, customers, or technology?

For Highsmith's article, click here.

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