Sunday, October 11, 2009

Project Change Request

Hi Everybody,

Recently I went through implementing Project Change Management Process. I think it is a must for every project. I think every change requests must be managed to ensure projects will be completed on time, within budget and with the expected feature set.

To guard against the risk of failure, organizations specially PMO need to define the project change management process that enables proper decision making.

The cost of changes introduced in a project increases as the project matures.
Ensuring solid requirements and managing changes will have the greatest impact on project success

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Gurpreet Kanwar said...

Another thing - Before you want to go ahead with change request. Make sure you know following

Anticipated business value of a change?

Expected cost of a change?

Who needs to review this request to properly assess the potential impacts and benefits?

What existing requirements will be impacted by the change?

Are there other dependencies that must be addressed?

What risks are associated with the change?

How does this change affect the risk profile of the project?

What is the total impact to costs, schedule, feature set, security and regulatory compliance