Friday, April 29, 2011

Incorporate the Cloud into Your Business Processes

As new technologies continue to dominate the workplace, especially in the areas of IT & Project Management, it is important to make sure your procedures and processes can efficiently support these new technologies. Let's take a look at what to watch out for when launching the cloud in your business.

1. Test Your Applications - Software developers have found that applications they have been using don't always translate over well to the cloud.
2. The Cloud Isn't for Every Application - Some organizational applications just weren't made to run off of a cloud platform. Most notably so are those that have extreme security restrictions or those that have an intense level of coding.
3. Unfamiliarity to the Cloud - Don't expect an overnight transition, especially from organizations who are leery of disruptive technology.
4. It's Still a New Technology - Cloud computing adaptation is slow-moving and there is a lack of documentation and best practices available for newbies. When sharing is increased, doubt and insecurity with the platform should diminish and cloud users should increase.
5. Network Issues in the Cloud - While working in a private cloud be sure to schedule time for necessary upgrades and maintenance. Plus, don't forget about the unscheduled maintenance that will need to occur. It is important to note that all applications may not be available all of the time.
6. Resource Waste in the Cloud - Software developers may forget to 'turn off' running applications and processes while working virtually, which can lead to an expensive error.
7. Limitations from Licensing - Be sure to take note of the licensing agreements from the applications you will be running, especially from the non-technical side.
8. Troubleshooting the Integration - Integrating new applications with the existing applications in your processes in the cloud may result in challenges. One way to minimize issues is to use the cloud providers API.
9. Updates to the Cloud - As technology changes it becomes necessary to update your organization's cloud to ensure effective performance. It is important to have a team that can measure and try to predict the evolution of the cloud to remain effective.

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