Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Creating Magic for your Project Team!

Disney's Approach to People Management - The Magic Behind Great Teamwork

Ah, the magic - this session started off just with that - a montage of clips from Disney movies, ABC shows, ESPN, Disney Parks, Pixar, Marvel comics (all part of the Disney family)........if I wasn't so interested in hearing what we could each do to create a piece of magic within my own teams, I might have been next in line for Splash Mountain!

The Disney Institute was created to share Disney best practices - and, our speaker, did just that. Each cast member (employee) at Disney, has the responsibility to all other cast members to help them "deliver the magic". The Disney Chain of Excellence - since a for-profit organization, works to achieve financial results by ensuring guest satisfaction. This is done by cast excellence - which is driven by leadership. The magic of teamwork is woven together through culture, selection of cast, and training.....for the guests (customers), value and satisfaction is based on guest experience - setting the common goal for cast members "to create happiness".

Food for thought - though we can't all have a fairy godmother to sprinkle success into our projects, by focusing on our team members - the folks who really get the job done - to understand their role, why it is important, and how they contribute to the vision, to respect each team member as if they were our customer/guest, and to help each team member realize that he/she has value/information to share, we are well on our way to creating that magic within our own teams.

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