Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Causes of Conflict in Project Management

There will be times when a project doesn’t run as smooth as you had planned. When you put together a group of intellectuals that all have the same goal, but have different ways to achieve that goal, is when you’ll run into problems in project management. Team conflict is challenging for project leaders but it is not necessarily bad. Conflict can lead to new ideas and approaches and facilitate the surfacing of important issues between team members if it is managed well.

In fact, according to various research studies on team conflict, the major sources of conflict among project teams are project goals not agreed upon, disagreement of the project's priorities and conflicting work schedules. This is no surprise since most organizations today run multiple projects and employees often find themselves serving on a variety of project teams.

Here is an infographic from that highlights the key causes of conflict in project management teams today:

Project Management Conflict
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