Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Keynote Speaker: Sunil Chandra

Sunil Chandra, Director HR Technology & Operations, GOOGLE

Accelerating Fast: HR Systems and Operations

Sunil is responsible for the technology and operations underpinning Google’s HR function. He is responsible for ensuring both the operational integrity of our people processes as well as partnering with our Engineering group to bring innovation in the way we use technology to attract, retain and grow Googlers worldwide. Prior to joining Google, Sunil was an executive responsible for large parts of Barclays Capital Global Technology Services unit and for operations at McKinsey & Co.

Business has always had to contend with change, but with the new millennium, the pace of change has increased exponentially. The availability of information on the internet and through wireless devices to an "always connected" generation has hastened the speed of innovation and removed geographic boundaries. So how do businesses deal with this rapid pace of change and build systems and scale operations in such a tumultuous environment? Google HR technology faces this paradigm everyday. Traditionally systems models thrive on incremental changes through the phases of development to launch a finished product. Today though, these models give way to a much more iterative development cycle. Rather than control information flows, we aim to liberate them. Traditional reporting gives way to real time analytics. In this session, Sunil Chandra will discuss how Google works in this atmosphere of rapid change and ambiguity and continues to achieve operational excellence in their systems and processes.

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