Friday, November 21, 2008

Meet Some of Our Presenters

Being on hand to document this year's event, I have a chance to meet with our presenters, get them to share some highlights of their presentation, as well as record some of their discussions for everyone to share in. Yesterday, I had the chance to meet with some and here they are for you:

Alora Chistiakoff, Change Management Executive, presenting 'You Gotta Walk Before You Can Run: Getting Started with Portfolio Management'

Alain Arseneault, Chief Strategist, and Julian Sammy, Chief Architect at the International Institute of Business Analysis. Here they discuss their presentation, 'Requirements Management Planning for Success.' You can visit their blog to learn more.

Lisa DiTullio of Lisa DiTullio & Associates who is presenting 'Expected Behaviors: Road Rules for Project Team Performance - Not Road Rage.' You can read more about this here.

Amy Nichols, Sr. Vice President, Director of Systems Development Optimization for Wachovia Bank and Glen Brulé, Director of Client Solutions of ESI International held a Learning Lab: Creating a BA Center of Excellence.

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