Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Good collaboration is key within project planning teams has a nice article on the importance of collaboration within project planning teams and we'd like to share it with our blog readers. The article showcases how project planning teams no longer work in one office and brainstorm project requirements in the large conference room. Project teams have become global, with many team members working across the globe - this is where project management software and consistent reporting become key to project success. writes, with project planning in teams by digital means, input can be received from any point on the globe where an important team member is located. This allows for companies to hire the best employees no matter what their location is.

What is your strategy for project planning with teams across the globe? What software and process work best for your work?

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Unknown said...

Could not agree more with the author about importance of good collaboration! Modern business environment can really be unforgivable towards missed opportunities, so being agile is important. And being agile is impossible without efficient collaboration.
We improved collaboration within our team with help of project management software (Wrike). We chose to adopt it because we wanted application that will accommodate project management features with benefits of social media, like microblogging, discussions, activity stream and such. Having everything within one application does save a lot of time and significantly improves collaboration.