Thursday, September 23, 2010

ProjectBest Practices: It's a Small World & the Value of PMO

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I have conducted a significant amount of international business this year. While spanning the globe, I realized it is a small, small world.

Countries, cultures and landscapes may differ, but project management challenges in business today seem eerily similar.

Here are some common trends I observe:

• PMO's continue to get a bad rap
• Project managers like to collect tools and templates with little thought to their value in supporting project needs or improve project practices
• Project teams are difficult to manage
• Project managers don't receive the respect they deserve
• Executives still don't get it

Beginning today and throughout future issues, I will provide my thoughts on each of these topics. Let's start with #1. In spite of increasing evidence showing direct correlation to project/business results when a PMO exists, organizations continue to have a love/hate relationship with PMO's. I believe there are five business values you can expect with a PMO:

1. Speed as a competitive advantage. An easy-to-use project management methodology enables people to move from vision to completion quickly.
2. Customer Satisfaction. Organizations that adopt project management see improvements in customer satisfaction. Because many projects are focused on product development, operations and process improvements, they directly improve the experience of the customer.
3. Proven Results. Monitoring project activities can improve overall project performance. Having "big brother" monitor project progress keeps people focused and driven.
4. Optimize Resources. Balancing resources between project needs and operational demands is tricky. Organizations that have project offices are better at managing limited resources to meet both needs.
5. Knowledge is Power. By capturing best practices and knowing what is and isn't working, companies can turn that information into insight and continuously improve project results supporting business success.

Declaring PMO value and sustaining it must mean relating back to business value. Does your PMO have a value proposition?

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Contributor: Lisa DiTullio (Lisa DiTullio & Associates)

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