Friday, February 10, 2012

PM Insights: Overcoming Challenges with Leadership

Over the next few weeks here on the Project World blog we're going to be featuring some of the insights shared at the 2011 Your Space session at the ProjectWorld® & World Congress for Business Analysts® event.

A repeat favorite, Your Space offers PW&WCBA attendees a chance to debrief on topics covered, come up actionable plans for their return to the office and share in the collective knowledge and expertise of other PW&WCBA attendees and speakers  

This week's topic comes from Table 1: Overcoming Challenges w/Leadership
An ongoing topic in the PM & BA world, and certainly one well covered at ProjectWorld® & World Congress for Business Analysts®, this was a popular table. The first takeaway from this group?

"When it comes to politics & group segregation: Build positive relationships, know who to approach and when"

Across a company in leadership (or even within your team,) individuals are coming from different backgrounds with different perspectives. They may be working towards different goals or have differing understanding of the same goals. The company may be working in different silos that have conflicts, and the conflicts between those silos may be causing roadblocks for your project. Before conflicts arise, get to know your stakeholders. Build those relationships so that you have a clear understanding of how to approach certain team members, or when to address a problem.

What strategies have you used to overcome internal politics or group segregation?

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