Monday, July 9, 2012

Creating and Sustaining High-Performance Teams for Managers and Executives

We've been talking about leadership a lot lately both here on the PW&WCBA blog, as well as on the LinkedIn group, so it seemed appropriate that our 2011 attendee web seminar series kicked off with a session titled "Creating and Sustaining High-Performance Teams for Managers and Executives" by recurring favorite Peter Saddington.

Saddington shared some excellent insights with the group, two of which I would like to pass on here. First, the idea that as a leader your primary task should be as a "unblocker of impediments" and secondly that when approaching a team you should force yourself to "always assume the best." These two factors for me encompass the main shift from manager to leader - a leader can trust the team to do what needs to be done, but simultaneously lead by providing the resources or removing the roadblocks to progress. Would you agree?

Saddington also had a number of resources available for those looking to do some additional reading after the webinar, or for those who could not attend:
- Free Assessment and Coaching Giveaway
- Leveraging Team Science and Cultural Analytics
- Understanding Agile Culture
- Overview of Action & Influence and Team Science

Did you miss the session? 2011 PW&WCBA webinar attendees have free access to this resource. Check your email or crowdvine for details on accessing the recording.

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