Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Flicks: Kanban -- Limit Work In Progress and Go Faster

Here on the Project World and World Congress for Business Analysts blog, we sometimes like to share insights from our live event. For this week's video pick, enjoy a recording of our 2011 session Kanban -- Limit Work In Progress and Go Faster with Linda Cook. In this video, Linda Cook introduces Kanban and gives the audience at PW&WCBA some tips on implementing Kanban in their organizations.

We learn that Kanban can:
Help visualize the process with workflow models
Help to identify bottlenecks when the steps of the process are drawn on a model
Encourage continuous improvement
Minimize the initial impact of changes
and May help reduce the resistance to change

Have you considered using Kanban to improve the speed of projects in your organization?

Interested in learning more about Kanban? Join us for Agile: The Kanban Way with Gil Irizarry, Program Manager, Constant Contact in our half day Agile summit this September at PW&WCBA. Download the brochure for access to more information on the 2012 event, and more PW&WCBA 2011 videos and insights.

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