Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Top Business Analysis Trends of 2013: Communicating “Up” Will be Critical

According to Nancy Nee, vice president of Global Product Strategy, ESI International, there are specific business analysis (BA) trends that will be prominent in 2013. We have already gone over nine of them in our previous posts. So, let’s now move to number ten.

In 2013 we will see BAs learning that they have to communicate better, meaning that communicating up and across is going to be a major focus of what BAs are going to be targeting in 2013. BAs are the most aware of the requirements of the value those requirements bring because they do a lot of impact analysis on those requirements.

She added, “When they are working on a project they know if they miss a requirement or if it changes, and how that will affect the business. The problem is the ability to share that difficult message and have that crucial conversation.”

In 2013 BAs will be focused on their ability to have those communicating up conversations with their sponsors and stakeholders, laying it out for them of what could happen when it comes to these requirements. 
“By being able to put that in your bag of BA skills, you are solidifying yourself as a key component to everything related from a business value standpoint,” Yee concluded.

See the full video below:

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