Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Top PM Trends of 2013: Agile will be Viewed as a Failure for the Wrong Reasons

“Trying is the first step to failure” is probably not a motto you want to live your life by, but all too often it’s true in the Agile world. But why?

According to Mark Bashrum, VP of Strategic Intelligence & Corporate Marketing at ESI International, in 2013 Agile implementation will be viewed in some organizations as a failure, but for the wrong reasons.

When it comes to project management, studies prove time and again that Agile can help reduce cost, speed time to market and improve quality. Still, in 2013 many organizations will continue to fall short in realizing the Agile promise. Among the reasons, the professionals assigned to Agile projects simply aren’t trained in its use. And, organizations are not culturally ready to embrace its principles.

“You can’t just train a few scrum masters and call it a day,” said Bashrum.

The team including developers, testers and product owners need to know how the method works and how to break down the cultural barriers to adoption.

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