Thursday, July 17, 2014

Big Data and Project Management

Today, organizations are taking strategic risks to add business value through innovative big data initiatives. Big data is a blanket term for any collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using available data management tools or conventional data processing applications. Tom Davenport, author of “Big Data at Work” has worked with many companies and he’s uncovered key principles around five key areas to be successful at big data projects. He discusses these principles in his article in Harvard Business Review.

These five key areas represent a combination of internal organizational resources, standards, processes, methodologies and/or best practices:

1. Technology
2. Good change management
3. Clear business objectives
4. People
5. Good Project Management

These five key areas represent the foundation of most information technology projects. It may surprise some people that Davenport suggests that out of the five; Project Management done well may give your organization an edge if you have the agility to implement and be successful at these high risk big data projects.

This year ProjectWorld & World Congress for Business Analysts has three top speakers discussing big data:

>  Benchmarking Risk Management: What Good Looks Like Dr. Alicia Aitken, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Human Systems International
>  Cyber Security Silvanus Moses David, Program Manager, SITA South Africa
>  Project Scheduling Lab Lou Russell, CEO, Learning Facilitator, Russell Martin & Associates

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