Thursday, December 3, 2015

Free Webinar: The Mental Game of Project Management

Join Lou Russell, CEO/Queen of  RMA, for an upcoming webinar, “The Mental Game of Project Management.”

Russell is a consultant, speaker and author who grows companies by growing their people. She is the author of 7 books including IT Leadership AlchemyLeadership Training ,10 Steps to Successful Project Management and Managing Projects. Through speaking, training and writing, she inspires leadership, project management and team growth. Her upbeat style will give you the passion and tools to improve. Laughing, participating, and challenged, you will learn. 

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Webinar Summary:

Tiger Woods will be remembered as an exceptional golfer.  His legacy may also be that he made a big mistake and never returned back to his greatness – time will tell.  Why do you think he still remains so far from his earlier abilities?  His clubs?  His coach? His health issues? Everyone Russell asks says “it’s all in his head.”  As a very rookie golfer, Russell is fascinated and appalled by the way her mind gets in the way of my game.  She is aware that her mind also gets in the way of her success in life and business, including projects.  She actually speaks more negatively to herself through her self-talk than anyone else has ever spoken to her.  So do you.
In business and organizations all over the world, we jointly agree to certain truths (that are actually lies) including:
·         You must always be in control of a project to succeed
·         It is possible to predict the future accurately if you’re talented
·         Projects are impossible to do on time and on budget with appropriate quality because of all the jerks involved
·         The politics of the organization have no place in a project
·         People should do what they say they are going to do
·         She can personally torture people enough to get a project done

We bet you can pick a couple of these that you believe, in fact, that you make choices based on.  Now that you read them, you may be starting to notice that these ‘truths’ are preventing you from being agile, resilient and collaborative. These are the truths that we pretend to not see. To drive outcomes requires new truth.  In this Reflections with the Masters Series, Russell wants us to all have a conversation:

·         How are our current truths, self-talk and values moving us away from the outcomes we strive to achieve?
·         What are the strategies for noticing my own disconnects before they trigger fear and stress as auto responses?
·         What are the strategies for reframing and distracting our brain to drive success?
·         How does all of this change the way projects are done and increase their success?

Russell is excited about the opportunity to create community virtually to drive hope, energy and joy in all aspects of your life.  Together, we’ll create new truth.  She’s hoping Tiger will create new truth, too.

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