Monday, August 23, 2010

How important are logistics to project management?

The short answer is "very." Projects that fail logistically will fail all together. But what is logistics and how does this so positively or negatively affect project management? Logistics include the physical plants, materials and transportation; but Cargo Management writes that efficient logistics involves planning and good management, accurate forecasting, inventory management, transportation, supervision of loading and unloading, customs clearance, cargo insurance, docking control and storage. In short, the logistics, the supply of products accurately, effectively and in a time bound manner to the place and the person that it will be sent.

So how can you ensure that your project's logistics are carried through? Find a good logistics manager to ensure that your project continues as planned. Here are some tips when finding a good logistics manager:

  • They must be competitive, their prices and offers turnkey solutions that the project requires
  • Optimization of the road should be a priority
  • Planning complete end-to-end solutions are delivered seamlessly must
  • Must provide points of contact for all services from its hubs in strategic position.
How do you properly plan and execute logistics in your project plans?

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