Monday, August 30, 2010

Differences between Waterfall, Iterative Waterfall, Scrum and Lean Software Development (In Pictures!)

We have enjoyed reading the posts over at The Agilista PM and we found one to be particularly worthy of a re-post here on our space. The Agilista PM has a bevy of awesome videos, blog posts and resources - we encourage you to check it out!

From the post, this simple overview of the different Agile-Lean methods found was too great to not share. Sometimes it is best to keep it simple to build a foundational understanding….then build on that.

We'll share The Agilista PM's description of Waterfall Development.

Waterfall Development
‘Waterfall Development’ is another name for the more traditional approach to software development.

It’s called ‘waterfall’ as this type of development is often planned using a Gantt chart – you complete one phase (e.g. planning) before moving on to the next phase (e.g. development).

In Waterfall approaches, you will rarely aim to re-visit a ‘phase’ once it’s completed. As such, you better get whatever you’re doing right the first time!

This approach is highly risky, often more costly and generally less efficient than more Agile approaches.

To learn about the other types of development, check out the post directly at The Agilista PM.

  • Iterative Waterfall Development
  • Scrum Development
  • Lean Development

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Thanks for the support. I have found that keeping it simple is the best way to promote learning.

If you want to know more about Scrum, Kanban, can check out the huge library of recordings at