Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Perfect Project Management Tools for Content Creation

As businesses spend more and more on content marketing, brands are challenged to keep their content creation process under control. Today, organizations simply cannot risk publishing content that hasn’t gone through a process of checks and balances. So, content marketing directors need a solution for keeping their editorial calendars in check, providing timely insights on progress to senior management and centralized document storage. According to Businsess2Community, the ideal project management tool for a content marketing team is likely to use tools including:

Support for Multiple Steps

Every content creation process requires steps for creation, editing, review, and publication, which will take place over multiple workdays. The system needs to be complex enough to support the need for multiple components of a single step – which will each have a separate deadline.

Task Assignment

Projects and duties can change quickly as companies make changes to optimize their content marketing strategy. So, an ideal system will be flexible enough to allow the project manager to quickly assign.


Mid-sized and large content creation teams may need a moderate amount of oversight, and this need will grow if your company is among those outsourcing. A system that requires tasks to be completed in a specific order can minimize the attention needed from management through each process.

An Aggregation System

Whether it’s integrated into your project management software or not, it is crucial to aggregate content marketing in a single, centralized, and searchable location.

Workload Forecasting

Some content directors may prefer simpler systems, having the ability to estimate time needed to complete assigned tasks can streamline management, and improve your ability to assign “hot jobs.”

Billing and Time Tracking

A project management system that allows time-tracking, as well as instant reporting for billing or internal reporting by projects can improve communication between departments.

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