Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top Business Analysis Trends of 2013: BA and Product Owner Roles are Solidified

Today, businesses require effective business analysis in order to be successful in a competitive business world. Business analysis involves taking information gathered from a variety of sources and analyzing to forecast future trends, find ways to make improvements in business strategies, improve businesses operations, and make smart business decisions to improve the bottom line. Understanding key marketing areas is essential to helping a business generate revenue and cut down on excess waste. 

According to Nancy Yee, vice president of Global Product Strategy, ESI International, there are some key business analysis trends that will be prominent in 2013. The first significant business analysis trend of 2013 is the roles of the BA and product owner will be solidified and respected.

In an Agile environment, the BA and the product owner have very different roles. The BA works with the product owner to identify what exactly they need, help them understand how this is going to help them achieve the values that they are looking for. The product owner, on the other hand, is responsible for understanding exactly what the business needs.

“They are there to talk about how, where and when they need to improve their businesses, which translates into the product backlog,” said Yee.

In 2013, there is going to be a stronger relationship with the product owner and the BA together in order to create a stronger foundation of understanding of what they need to be able to deliver value when it comes to priority of the product background.

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