Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Live at #PWWCBA: Manipulate Your Way To Collaborative Culture

Harvey A Robbins
Harvey A. Robbins started us off at the first main conference day with three ways to develop a collaborative culture:
1. Select members of your team who have a natural tendency towards sharing information without the expectation of reciprocity
2. Teamwork and establishing clear expectations: Setting up goals, dividing up roles & holding people accountable
3. Manipulation: Use knowledge of personalities to build a team that works together
  • "Drivers" - outcome driven, process oriented, feedback rich. Good to delegate to and task oriented. Want to hear the 'what?"
  • "Expressives" - Creative, good for new product development. Want to hear the "why?"
  • "Analyticals" - Will keep you from making mistakes by tracking information and details. Want to know the "How?"
  • "Amiables" - People and friendship related, collaboration and communication focused. Want to know the "who?"
The question that Robbins recommends all managers keep in mind is "Who is responsible for what, by when, and how will we check with each other that we're on track?" When you are communicating with all personalities ("Broadcast versatility") you can speak to all potential readers by answer all questions and providing information on past events, future focus, details and the people that will be effected.

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