Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Top Business Analysis Trends of 2013: BA Centers of Excellence will Focus on Driving Innovation

Business analysis plays a critical role in deciphering the future of many businesses. In the past, the role of business analyst was not widely recognized as a profession in its own right – with other players such as finance managers, software architects and project managers being seen as taking the lead.

Today, a business analyst acts as a bridge between business ideas and business capabilities; creating and scoping valuable changes and optimizations to business processes. Typically driven by conducting performance capability assessments, the business analyst regularly appraises business performance. 

According to Nancy Nee, vice president of Global Product Strategy, ESI International, there are specific business analysis (BA) trends that will be prominent in 2013. We have already gone over seven of them in our previous posts. So, let’s now move to number eight.

In 2011 and 2012 we saw the resurgence of BA COEs. We saw that many organizations were establishing those centers of excellence. Now in 2013, we will see the trend of those COEs staffing up their ability to deliver the value and innovation that they promise to have in place.

Moving through this year we will see senior BAs and business architects joining the ranks of showing the innovation and value because it is all about understand exactly what your business does, how you should invest in it and be able to prioritize the value from a requirements and product perspective.

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