Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Top Business Analysis Trends of 2013: Enterprise Analysis will become the Foundation of Business Architecture

Business analysis is an essential part of any business because change is constantly a factor that needs to be dealt with. Changes happen not just with the market you have but also in the industry you belong to. In order to succeed despite the changes, proper business analysis must be done at the right time. Business analysis (BA) can come in various forms but it is important if you want your business to stay not just ahead of the game, but also to survive the many changes that affect your performance.

According to Nancy Nee, vice president of Global Product Strategy, ESI International, there are specific BA trends that will be prominent in 2013. We have gone over six of them in our previous posts. The seventh key BA trend this year is about how the government will slowly, but surely, recognize the value of BA as it moves towards a more agile environment.

These days, with budgets so tight, there is a focus on strategic enterprise analysis – the foundation to organizations that are embracing business architecture.

“It’s all about: How do we grow our business? Make our business more money? How do we keep our business stable? All of these things are about the BA and the ability to do strategic enterprise analysis,” Nee explained.

We will begin to see that as organizations are able to work in the space they are trying to deliver their products with greater uptake to be the next Apple or Microsoft, for example. They will be looking at strategic enterprise analysis and business architecture together for its all about defining the “what” of business and how we can deliver customer value.

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