Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Top Business Analysis Trends of 2013: The Government will Recognize the Value of BA as it Moves Toward an Agile Environment

These days, businesses require effective business analysis in order to be successful among the competition. To do so, business analysis involves taking information and analyzing to forecast future trends, find ways to make improvements in business strategies, improve businesses operations, and make smart business decisions to improve the bottom line.

According to Nancy Yee, vice president of Global Product Strategy, ESI International, there are specific business analysis trends that will be prominent in 2013. We have gone over five of them in our previous posts. The sixth key BA trend this year is about how the government will slowly, but surely, recognize the value of BA as it moves towards a more agile environment.

Requirements management and development is a concern in the government. Although state and local governments have embraced the role of BA, the federal government hasn’t fully embraced that function.
However, in 2013, when the government is focused on Agile and delivering things in a modular fashion they will begin to see the value that requirements management will lend itself toward embracing the role of BA. In 2013 from a government’s successful usage perspective, we will see a critical eye on a key role of investment in looking at the BA role to define user stories and deliver value.

Check out Nancy's insight on the trend in the video below:

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