Monday, November 8, 2010

Pam Johnson on Self Organizing Teams

Pam Johnson works with Scripps Networks Interactive and they have been doing Agile for 3 years with 30+ development teams.

Pam describes a well understood and fully functional Agile enterprise. A very good example of how Agile is done successfully in a large organization with many teams.

This was an interesting talk because Pam gives the audience a view of a very successful Agile enterprise. There were some interesting points to take away but many of the points were covered by previous speakers.

Pam's talk was a nice end to the main speakers in that it gave us a refreshing look at a very well oiled Agile enterprise. We hope for continued success for Pam and Scripps Network!

Some of the changes that the Scripps Network needs to continue to improve include:
  1. Better defined project initiation processes
  2. Improve turnaround time for obstacle clearing
  3. Leadership coaching within teams
  4. Continued efforts to move from transactional leadership to transformational leadership
  5. Continue to mature relationships with development teams
  6. Get more granular with regard to defining roles and responsibilities for project managers, team members, and functional managers
  7. Continued cross training - Become more generic and less heroic

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