Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mary Gerush - Next Gen Project Managers

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"It's time to paint a new picture of the IT project manager."

Traditional project management has helped us build our world and these standards are entrenched in our IT culture. Today's project manager is skilled, trained, certified.

But are we successful? Data suggests the answer is "NO."

Project managers need to prioritize differently now.

Teams have changed in this brave new world:
Distributed globally
Culturally diverse

Business and technology complexity is growing in this new world:
Mergers and acquisitions
Diverse architecture
Integrations and legacy
New technologies (Cloud, open source, mobility, Web 2.0, social media)

In summary, the new project manager needs to hone their people skills and adapt to new technologies. The soft skills that a project manager has is absolutely crucial to the success of project managers in the new technology-driven world.

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