Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pam Stanton and Understanding the Human Side of Project Management

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What is The Project Whisperer?

Helping teams to recognize and embrace the human dynamics of the workplace.

"A project team acts as a living, breathing entity that undergoes a physical and emotional journey."

Stage 1: Shiny Happy People
Project is chartered
Team is being recruited
Optimism reigns

Stage 2: Confusion Sets In
Ambiguity breeds fear
Leadership wants plan

Stage 3: Valley of Despair
Throwing it over the wall
Interpersonal conflicts
Oh crap! moment

Stage 4: Blast-Off!
Time to deploy
Still complexity, unknowns
Team may be nervous, want to delay the project

Stage 5: Cruisin'
Initial rush and crush is over
Things start smoothing out

Stage 6: The Long Tail
The project is dragging on

Stage 7: Movin' On
Project fizzles out
No one feels recognized
No feeling of success

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