Tuesday, September 23, 2014

ProjectWorld Tackles PM/BA Best Practices

ProjectWorld 2014 officially launched on Monday, September 22, tackling some of the biggest issues for attendees.  The topics trending at the conference are Agile, Communities of project, multiple projects, leadership, business analysis and more.  The speakers were dolling out “nuggets” of wisdom and sage advice that attendees could take back to their organizations and put to use right away.
Many attendees who signed up for the special field trip to Starbucks were in for a big treat to learn insights on project management best practices.  Hope to interview a few attendees to share some insights.
Tuesday morning, will kickoff with opening remarks from William Greenwald on Leadership and following keynote speakers, JoMiller and Meta S. Brown share insights on Women’s Leadership and Big Data.  Also, another special field trip to Boeing will occur later today for those attendees who signed up.
Attendees can follow the twitter steam #PW14 to catch up on the latest tweets for the event.   Stay tuned for more insights as I’ll share some of the powerful messages coming out of this conference to help attendees tackle their biggest organizational issues.

Leadership Insights from William Greenwald

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