Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Creating Engagement Summit: The Value of Diversity

Creating Engagement in Project Teams Summit

The Summit began with some opening remarks from Chuck Millholan.  He shared a great quote, “Knowledge is only potential, proficiency is power!” Author unknown.
The first half of the summit included several great presenters:

·         Chuck Millholan, Director of Program Management, Churchill Downs Incorporated

·         Joy Toney, Manager, ALSAC/St. Jude’s Children’s Research

·         Mario Simmons Director, ALSAC/St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

The Value of Diversity: Increasing the Odds for Success in Decision Making,

This is a great and energetic presentation, the focus was on Diversity and how important diversity is to success.  People tend to pick people like yourself, this is normal.  However, you should strive to pick people different than yourself.  Diversity is all people and all cultures.
Mario stressed, to not assimilate into one entity, be an individual and respect individuals. Over 116 Million People or 36 percent of the population are of some ethnicity.  This continues to grow and we need to include a diverse team to be successful.

Joy led some volunteers on different scenarios and how each would handle the different scenarios.  She was able to focus on different aspect of diversity used or needed in each scenario.  The message is not one person knows everything.  She expressed the importance to speak up on a team and make a difference.

Please listen to Joy and Mario highlights in their own words at the link below:


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