Saturday, September 7, 2013

Let's Talk About the T3 Track

The Tools, Techniques and Trends (T3) track begins after lunch on day two. The first Session is Developing Practical Measures and Metrics, presented by Marie Steele and Alex Chen, both are Senior Manager of The Boeing Company.  Metrics are something the executives are always asking a Project Manager to provide.  However, are the measurements calculated correctly are the measurements the right ones to be provided?  Many years ago, when I was a new Project Manager, I would ask the team; “What percent complete are you for a specific task?”  This information was very subjective, and I quickly realized the flaw, when one week the team would be 60% complete and the following week the team was only 50% complete.  The team’s estimates were based on feeling instead of fact.  Experience has taught me to be more objective, for example how many requirements are there in total and how many are complete.  Dividing these will provide a more objective percentage complete. These types of metrics are more meaningful and useful to a Project Manager. 

If you want to learn other ways to create more meaningful metrics; if you are confused about Earned Value Management (EVM), the first session on Developing Practical Measures and Metrics, would be the place to have those questions answered.  This session will also provide ideas with examples on how to evaluate scope, quality, risks, stakeholder expectations, etc.  I hope to see you there!

Is there anyone who does not have some kind of stress in their lives?  Stress on projects can be a whole different animal.  The 2:30p.m. session is “Stress is Heavy-Lighten up!” , presented by Lou Russell, CEO of Russell Martin Associates.   Stress can kill a project or a project manager.  This session will help provide tools to adapt and respond to stressful situations.  In this session you will learn how to identify what drives you nuts, learn how to balance you emotions and use your strengths to become more resilient, help improve your decisions and most of all eliminate rework.  This is a session, I would recommend showing up early for a seat. 

On day three, after some fabulous keynote speakers in the morning and lunch, the Tools, Techniques and Trends track continues.  This session is Cloud, Mobile, Social, NoSQL and Big Data:  What These Emerging Technologies Mean to Product and Project Managers and Business Analysts, presented by Srini Penchikala, Editor, INFOQ.  If you want to understand this technology better without all the “tech speak,” this session may be perfect.  In this session, you will learn what all of these technologies mean to you and your executives, why this technology is important in business today and how or where they would fit into the project lifecycle or architecture.  As the world evolves, Project Managers and Business Analyst must evolve.  Learn how to incorporate emerging Technologies in your plans and the benefits.

The next session in the afternoon is, Business Simulations:  From GREAT to GOOD!  This is presented by Razvan Radulian, Certified Business Analyst of Why-What-How Consulting, LLC.  You will learn to ask the right questions, for example, “Does the final product match the simulation you presented?”,” Why does the product not match?”, “Does the team not have the expertise or adequate data, tools, etc., to complete development?”  Learn how to promise what you can deliver and deliver what was promised.

The final session is, The Art of Process Mapping …..Fast! This is presented by Diana Cagle of North Highland.  Business Process Mapping, is defined as activities involved in determining what a business entity does, who is responsible, what standard a business process should be completed, and how the success of a business process is measured.  Processes are needed in every organization to help learn and improve every aspect.  In this session you will learn when is a good time to map a process and new techniques to map the process quickly.  There are also standards beginning to be developed for mapping processes.  In this session, you can learn what they are and how to use them.
These sessions will provide a Project Manager and Business Analyst more Tools, Techniques and Trends in business today.  These tools can be learned and improved by attending the T3 track at the 2013 Project World & World Congress for Business Analysts .  Be sure and register today at and bring your team!  Join me in Orlando!

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