Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Successful Projects Across Borders

Successful Projects Across Borders: How to Achieve Team Unity

Malgorzata Kusyk, Sr. Project Manager, Thomson Reuters

Malgorzata prefers to be known as Gosia for short.  She began by telling us of her home country of Poland and how cultures are different. She stated the world is changing so quickly and we need to learn how to adapt and change with it.  She explained how culture is like an iceberg.  There is a lot more below the surface of every person.  There are different culture types, reactors, relationship and linear.  She briefly described each culture through the Lewis model. 
Collaboration is one of the most important aspects. Collaboration includes: Commitment to success, ownership of shared goals, relationships with a purpose.  The other side of collaboration is trust. 

Challenges to Collabortion are difficulty building a collaborative team atmosphere, not enough time to focus on the team, not enough resources and many more.  These challenges require good leaders with integrity, be able to manage change, empower team members and focus to help overcome the challenges and succeed.

Different types of trust: Cognitive, institutional, personality. All of these exist on a team. Trust your team.

Recognize the team and celebrate successes.  Just say, “Thank you.”
To have a great virtual team you must have:
  • Commitment and Engagement
  • Shared Process for Decision Making
  • Right info to the right people
Here the highlights from Gosia in the link below:

 The slides are available at ProjectWorld Connect App: http://pwconnect.jujama.com


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