Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Creating Engagement Summit: Virtual Teams

Leading  Virtual Teams in 2012: A Successful Methodology
Paul A. Capello, Engagement Leader, Cerner Corporation
Developing a methodology for virtual teams.  Paul stated, the most important aspect is the soft skills of PMs and the biggest concept is “communication.”  He believes there is no such thing as over communicating. The next most important is documentation. 
Virtual teams have responsibilities to meet regularly with management and discuss ways to improve the virtual team process. Metrics are needed for comparative studies and to make the necessary adjustments.  Self assessments are important to keep the team motivated and refocused on the target.
A quality virtual team plan allows you to record and comment on specific activities; Adherence to standards, Quality control and Strategic quality adjustment.

Hear the highlights from Paul in the video below:

 The slides are available at ProjectWorld Connect App: http://pwconnect.jujama.com

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